Janarthanan R


R  Janarthanan

Born: 1984 – Chennai, Tamil Nadu


ï‚· 2004-08 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Government college of fine Arts, Chennai.

ï‚· 2008-10 Master of Fine Arts, Government college of fine Arts, Chennai.


                  Solo shows

ï‚· 2013 ‘Nest’, Art World  gallery, Chennai.

ï‚· 2009 ‘Care’, Apparao art gallery, Chennai.

ï‚· 2009 ‘Care’, Apparao art gallery, Delhi.

                  Selected Group shows 

ï‚· 2015 ‘Quest of Mind’, Neuhous Gallery, New Delhi.

ï‚· 2015 ‘The Emerging Collective', ArtDistrict X111, New Delhi.

ï‚· 2015 ‘Art Spotting V', Gallery Art Positive, New Delhi.

ï‚· 2015 ‘The Deep inside’, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabed.

ï‚· 2015 ‘NH 7 + 47:Southern Sojourn’, Art*ry Gallery, Dubai.

ï‚· 2015 ‘The Annual 2015’, ARTS FOR ALL RESIDENCY, New Delhi.

ï‚· 2015 ‘Monochromes:  Lustres:  Metal’, Apparao Galleries, Chennai.

ï‚· 2015 ‘The Art of Chess’, India Art Fair, New Delhi. 

ï‚· 2014 ‘constructing forms’, kalakriti gallery, Hyderabad. 

ï‚· 2014 ‘Form and Function’, gallery Veda, Chennai.

ï‚· 2014 ‘Art Chennai’, Art World gallery, Chennai.

ï‚· 2013 ‘Hidden Histories and Geographies of  the World’,  Apparao Galleries, The Lodhi, New 

ï‚· 2013 ‘PEERS Share’, Khoj, Delhi.

ï‚· 2013 ‘Nature in Fountain of Life/ The Rain Room/  The Sand Storm’, Apparao  Gallery, 

ï‚· 2013 ‘Madras Musings’, Gallery Veda, Chennai.

ï‚· 2013 ‘Regional Art Exhibition’, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai.

ï‚· 2012 ‘Emerging  Idioms’, Apparao Galleries, Chennai.

ï‚· 2011 ‘Emerging Idioms’, Apparao Galleries,  Aman  New Delhi.

ï‚· 2011 ‘Art Chennai’,  Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai.

ï‚· 2011 ‘Sign’, Cholamandal Centre for Contemporary Art, Chennai.

ï‚· 2009 ‘Platform 15’,  Chitra Kala Parishath,  Banglore.

ï‚· 2009 ‘Nirapirigai’,  Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai, Delhi, Chennai.

ï‚· 2008 ‘Between the line’, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai.

ï‚· 2008 ‘Flat form15’, lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai.

ï‚· 2008 Concern India Foundetion, Mumbai.

ï‚· 2007 ‘About Looking’, Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai.


ï‚· 2015 'The Deep inside’, Kalakriti Residency, Hyderabed.

ï‚· 2015 ‘Ethnic Mindscape’, An Interactive Workshop with North East Artist, Regional Centre, 


ï‚· 2014 ‘ARTS FOR ALL RESIDENCY’, New Delhi.

ï‚· 2013 ‘KHOJ  PEERS Share’, New Delhi.

ï‚· 2008 ‘The Young Artist Camp’, 13th National Level Youth Festival, Chennai.

ï‚· 2008 ‘State Lalit Kala Akademi Camp’, Chennai.

ï‚· 2007 ‘SAMHITA’, National Level Seminar cum Painting Workshop, New Delhi.


ï‚· 2015 1st Runner up of ‘Emerging Artist of  the year Award 2015’, Bestcollegeart , New Delhi.

ï‚· 2015 Jury Award ‘South Indian Art Show 2015’, Chandra Ilango Visual Art Foundation.




The Faraway Tree Gallery,
1, Kuppusamy Street,(same compound as Millennium Software), T Nagar, Chennai - 600017

Email: pal@thefarawaytree.com