Suriyamoorthy M


M.SURIYAMOORTHY (1944) He paints a story by bordering his main composition with a series of smaller pictures. His canvases, richly painted with layers of primitive color, lend an organic realism to his figures, often females showing their best maternal instincts. Suriyamoorthy speaks “In my view each artist can do what he thinks ought to. After my father's death, most of the medicines (he was a Siddha practitioner) were in disuse. So I mixed the various ingredients to achieve the colours I desired - ground sea shells to derive the white, used natural gum from the trees in my garden and collected waters from all the major rivers in India. The formula evolved after years of experimentation for my art materials is based on the use of natural resources, i.e., water, sea shells and tree barks. My works will retain their painterly qualities - color and brightness - for ages”.




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