Peter Loftus


Peter Loftus is inspired by light–“light invigorates me and compels me to paint.” I sometimes wonder if light and atmosphere are more vital to our sense of place than the physical character of the land. Conditions of light engender a scene with wholly different color ranges which, in turn, strike different emotional chords, evoking a variety of moods. Faithfully representing the light is at the heart of my paintings. I love the paradox of making an illusion that looks almost photographic from a distance, but dissolves into mysterious paint surfaces upon close inspection. Seen up close, the surface of my big paintings reveals a final product made up of multiple layers of color that still show through in places. This can offer insights to the decision making process my picture making entails. I juxtapose transparent, translucent, and opaque passages to enhance this effect. In recent years, my work has taken on a completely unintended historical aspect. Because I paint real places, I make pictures of things that are subject to change, and are not likely to look as they did for long. I’m reminded of a line from a song by Jesse Winchester: “Now while they’re asking me how things are, soon they’ll ask me how things were.” His landscapes are impressionistic and look almost photographic. Peter lives in Santa Cruz and has shown in galleries throughout California as well as New York and Washington, D. C.




The Faraway Tree Gallery,
1, Kuppusamy Street,(same compound as Millennium Software), T Nagar, Chennai - 600017