P Perumal (1935 - 2019)


Born in 1935, Perumal paints with oil on canvas with expressive brush strokes and knife. His earthen colors invoke the landscape of the south. Depicting the simple subject of rural life, his attenuated and lithe country figures, His early impressions of the famine-stricken villagers and the rugged landscape, joyful expressions of people making happy sounds of everyday life have found lucid expression in his paintings. The colors are dark, somber and mute in keeping with the themes. Full of linear motifs, the lean and lanky figures with sloping shoulders and elongated limbs are permanently on trek, with their belongings. Perumal says “My Paintings in general have been inspired by my own childhood memories of what I saw, heard and felt in villages where I grew up in my formative years, I can be turned on only by the rural life and landscape. The multifaceted Indian village in all its vitality, visibility and proximity to divinity. Fairs, festivals , folk songs and dancers, rituals, ceremonies, floor and wall decorations, exciting rural sports. All these have served as oxygen to my art”




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